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Kill Shot Bravo – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kill Shot Bravo is a new sniper game by Hothead Games, the sequel to their original hit Kill Shot. You can play sniper missions, breach missions where you kick in doors and clear buildings, black ops missions and old-school assault missions, while earning gold, bucks and medals and getting all sorts of weapons and gear. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kill Shot Bravo!

Different weapons are good for different missions, and weapons can be purchased with either cash or gold (depending on the weapon). To get free gold, head to the IAP menu and you can watch videos, which reward you with gold after you finish them. Many offers are also there behind the “Free Gold” button, most of which are free. Some of them are not free, but those ones are the highest-earning as far as gold goes.

Cash, of course, is earned in the missions themselves. If you need more cash, switch from one type of mission to the other until you have enough cash to upgrade your weapon. The end-of-region missions are the toughest of all, but they will earn you the highest amount of cash.

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Be sure to connect to Facebook to not only earn free gold, but to play with friends. You can also add friends by text message or by email. Look for people on the App Store or Google Play review pages who post “add me” requests and add them. Also, post your add requests on the comment section of this article, or add people who post comment requests.

When you use one of your friends’ snipers, or your friend uses your snipers, you both earn medals. Medals are the social currency of the game and can be used to buy gear (as can gold, but not for the same types of gear). New gear increases your gear rating. Medals can also be earned by joining an alliance and participating in alliance missions, as can gold and other prizes.

Go to your profile menu and tap on “Achievements” and read through all of them. Each one will earn you either free gold or free medals for completing it, and many of them don’t even require friends or an alliance to unlock. Unlock as many achievements as possible to load up on the gold and the medals.