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Kill Shot Virus – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Kill Shot Virus is a new zombie shooting game by Hothead Games, the makers of the first two Killshot games and of the Big Win sports franchises. In this game, your goal is simply to shoot as many zombies as possible to make it from level to level. You have to make it through without either yourself or your cohorts being killed, while dealing with increasingly weirder, deadlier and more dangerous types of zombies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kill Shot Virus!

Killing zombies can be done very quickly without the scope, simply due to the ease of switching back and forth between them, but for more precise aim, especially for zombies that are farther away, zoom in as little as you need to in order to make the shot. Head shots are the best kind of shot as they do the most damage; usually a zombie that can be killed in five shots, is a two-shot kill with head shots.

Be extra careful with the exploding fat zombies. Shoot them first every time as they will kill you too if they are too close to you when you kill them. For the other zombies, start with the ones that are closest to attacking you and work your way back. Or if there is one specific zombie that you are supposed to aim for to finish the round (a boss zombie), aim for that one for a quick end to the round.

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Gold is the premium currency in the game, but you can earn a lot of free gold, which can go towards buying things such as new weapons. Go to the gold menu and you can watch an endless succession of ad videos, each of which will earn you a gold bonus. There is also an offer wall full of free and paid offers, which will earn you gold as a reward.

Cash can be earned mostly by entering tournaments and by beating the normal campaign levels. Beat the missions on each level for even bigger bonuses. Use the cash to upgrade your existing batch of weapons. Even though it might be tempting to wait until you have that new weapon that you saved up for, an upgraded old weapon can be as powerful, and even moreso occasionally, than a new weapon.

When upgrading your weapon, check the stat boosts, because some upgrades, such as the long-distance shot upgrade, will have unadvertised stat boosts, such as an increase in overall attack power. Try to boost each stat to equal levels so that you can get the most boost out of the least amount of cash spent.