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Killer Clown Chase – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Killer Clown Chase is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms. you actually play as the creepy clown in this game, and your goal is to get as far as he can hire jumping and bouncing off of anything that you are able. Read on for some tips and tricks for Killer Clown Chase!

Tap for a shorter time to jump a shorter distance and a longer time to jump for a longer distance. You will have to vary the timing and length of your taps depending on the size and distance of the next platform. The farther away it is, the earlier you will have to start your next tap.

Every time that you jump off of a car or a platform, you will earn one point. However, If you bounce off of the heads of people, you earn five points per person that you bounce off of. People are more difficult to jump off and move around and they are a smaller, but they will drastically increase the score that you can earn and the speed that you can earn it at.

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Skulls are the currency of the game. You can collect skills every once in awhile in the stages themselves, but the fastest way to earn more skills is by using the video as offers that pop up after you lose at a stage. The offer appears no matter how many points your last run was worth. If all you are going for is skulls, then die right away inside the level so that you can make the offer appear faster.

When you earn enough skills, you still be able to purchase a new clown. Each successive clown will be more expensive than the last one and every clown performs exactly the same as every other one. Each one is typically a pop culture reference, such as the Joker or Pennywise.

Be sure to collect the daily rewards as often as you can because you can win clowns that you wouldn’t be able to purchase in the store this way. You also have a shot at winning free Skulls this way, either a small amount or a large amount. Even though it’s called the daily reward, you can earn a free spin once every six hours.

Whenever you see a bubble in a level, jump through it in order to encase yourself in it for about ten seconds. When you are inside of the bubble, you will float clear past obstacles. Hold down on the screen to float faster. Just make sure that when the bubble pops you will be in a position to land on a platform or a car so that you can keep the run going.