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Sometimes, there will be animated signs in front of buildings – one example being the Chateau Nuit in Vegas, but look around in every different area for a sign like this. You’ll usually get cash when you tap the sign (a random amount of cash) – and sometimes, you can get an even better bonus. This includes stars, as well.

Tap other stuff, too. Scroll from side to side and look for items that scroll faster (items in the foreground), and tap every single one of them. This can include trees, signs in front of the Brew Palms, fire hydrants, newspaper dispensers, and other random stuff. These are in every single stage, so if you have completely run out of cash (not even enough for the bus) and have nowhere to go, tap these every 5-10 minutes for more cash.

Another option for if you run out of cash and get stuck, is to simply wait it out if you have a completed project that you are waiting for your feed to show. Once the project results show up on your feed you will earn a cash bonus – the more stars that you earned from the project, the higher the bonus will be. Tap on stuff inside of buildings too (luggage, store mannequins, etc). You will never truly be stuck.

Whenever you move up to a brand new list, such moving up from the E-list to a D-list, in the quest menu, it lists how much cash you will earn for doing so. You will earn a star bonus too, despite the fact that it isn’t listed anywhere in the quests. The higher the list you end up on, the more stars you earn as a bonus.

If you want to save cash on your dates, and instead use up energy, then only do the tasks which don’t cost any cash to complete. These won’t earn you as many hearts per energy spent, but they will save you a whole lot of cash, giving you more to work with and to buy more clothing with (and more houses, and stuff for your houses, gifts for your partner, etc).

For stars, you are going to have to spend some money to purchase stars, although cash is arguably more valuable unless you like to use the charm feature a lot. The best way to earn free cash and stars is to use some website that gives you offers/surveys/whatever in exchange for free iTunes or Google Play gift cards, then redeem your cards and use them in the in-app purchase store to buy more stars or cash.

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