Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: How to get more energy and experience points, page 2

Tap on anything that you see on the street. This can include signs in front of buildings, birds that you see perched in random places, bicycles, motorcycles, newspaper stands, anything that appears to be in the “foreground” in front of buildings. Oftentimes these will earn you free energy simply for tapping them, and they will earn you experience points almost every time that you tap them.

The same thing rings true for items inside of buildings. This can include luggage at LAX, the mannequins in the Kardash store, random objects inside of various restaurants, bars, clubs, and other goodies. Tap around to figure out what else can be earned and where it can be earned from.

It’s a slight bit of a grind to do this, but fly from place to place and tap everything inside of every building or outside on every street. The more that you do this, the quicker (much quicker) you’ll get energy back, and you can often restore your energy in less than half the time, without having to spend any of your stars, simply by doing this little cheat.

If you want to load up on experience points but you don’t have any energy, go to the bars or the restaurants and start purchasing drinks, food, etc, and for every purchase you will earn some experience. Do this if you are running on empty, but your experience point bar is close to being full, for some easy free energy once you gain an experience level.

You can do this even if you are in the middle of an assignment, too. As long as you get back to the studio, store, date or wherever before the time runs out, you can leave and go wherever you want, even on an airplane, go grind for some energy, and then come back and finish out the assignment.

When you are on a date or a party (somewhere where you have the option to spend money) and you want to conserve energy, always choose the money-spending options, such as buying drinks or food. This will earn you an average of 3 stars or hearts per energy spent, as opposed to the paltry 1 star or heart per energy spent for the free stuff.

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