Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: How to get more fans and move up the lists

Remember Stardom: The A-list and its sequel Stardom: Hollywood? Kim Kardashian – Hollywood is the third game in this series, but without the Stardom name due to some obvious celebrity endorsement that has made national news, even outside of the gaming world. Regardless, your goal is still to move up the lists, eventually ending up on the A-list, and you need fans to get there. How do you do this, and how many fans do you need for the D-list, the C-list, the B-list and the A-list?

First thing’s first, and that’s to answer that last question. In order to move up to the D-list, you need 5,000 fans. For the C-list, you need 50,000 fans. For the B-list, you need 500,000 fans. For the A-list, you need a full 5 million fans. The A-list is as high as you can go, so once you get there, the main reason for playing is to simply earn bragging rights or to help out your friends on Facebook and Game Center who play the game as well.

The main key to getting higher and higher on the lists is earning the most stars possible on every assignment (aside from the store employee assignments). After you finish each assignment, wait for the predetermined time before the (magazine, show, commercial, etc) to debut so that you can see how many fans you got. The more stars you earned, the more fans you got.

The same goes with dates. Date as high as you can on the lists, but go on dates, make sure that you have enough energy and money to spend before you even do the date, and then get 5 stars on the date. The paparazzi will see you, you will earn more fans, and if you are “dating” another player’s character, they will also earn fans for the date.

Networking, networking, networking. This is the most important part of earning fans. Meet people, flirt and date and network with people, and get their phone numbers. Network with (and date) a diverse set of people so that you always have someone to join you on a job, because different jobs have different requirements for the people that you can call. Plus, the higher a list someone is on, the more fans they will earn you just by appearing with you.

Network with real life people who play the game on Facebook and Game Center as well. Either way, add as many people as you can so that you can use their characters, which will earn you even more extra fans and fame than using in-game NPCs will. You will also earn bonuses when someone else uses your character as a companion.

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