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Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide, Page 2

Add as many contacts as you can. You’ll meet them whenever you go out to bars, clubs, or restaurants, and even if you don’t plan to date them, networking with them will allow you to get their number, and then call them whenever you are on future assignments. Contacts will give you a fan bonus, and the higher a list said contact is on, the more of a fan bonus you can potentially earn.

Make sure not to start either a date or an assignment until you have a full energy bar, so that you can get the best chance possible of 5 star scores. If you’re stuck in dialogue with someone until you start the date (or the project), close the game or minimize it somehow, and then sit and wait for your energy to come back, or do something else until then. Check back in the game until your energy returns, then start the assignment.

The old time lapse cheat used to work in the original Stardom, but you can’t set the time ahead on your phone anymore to cause your energy to return immediately. You have to wait for your energy to come back, which takes about 5 minutes per energy point. However, if you gain an experience level, you will automatically earn all of your energy back.

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The cutoff for every one of the “lists” is a certain number of fans, and thus far, every single list requires some multiple of 5. To make it from the E-list to the D-list, you will need 5,000 fans. To make the C-list, you will need 50,000 fans. To make the B-list, you will need to earn 500,000 fans. To make the A-list, you will need to have at least 5 million fans.

The fastest way to earn fans and make your way up the lists, of course, is to earn five stars at every assignment. This is how you become a more in-demand actor or actress, as well. Three and four stars will still earn you positive receptions, but you will earn far more fans per shot by going for the full five stars.

The five star tip is true for dates, but even moreso. If you don’t get enough stars on a date, then there’s a chance that your date will break up with you, possibly causing you to actually lose fans. But if the date goes well (and by well, that means four or five stars), then you’ll get caught by paparazzi, which will get you into the tabloids, and potentially earn you far more fans than even most assignments will.

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