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Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide

Kim Kardashian – Hollywood is Glu Mobile’s new fast-growing game for the iOS and Android. The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played the two Stardom games that they previously released – this is essentially Stardom 3 but with Kim K. Your goal is to go from nobody to celebrity with the help of Kim herself. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kim Kardashian – Hollywood!

Your main goal is to complete projects (photo shoots, acting, etc), and these will pop up by following the quests in your goals list. You’ll usually have one or two quests at a time. Tap the check mark box in the lower right hand corner of the screen to see the quests, then go where you need to go to complete them.

If you don’t have enough star power yet to complete a quest, you can always go make some extra money by working at the So Chic department store. The longer the shift, the more money you make and the more experience points you gain, so try to work the longest shifts possible. Just make sure to check back in time to get your energy back, and earn all five stars.

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Then, take all of the extra money and go to the shopping area. New clothing items will either add to your star power or to your love power. Star power will help you network with people who are on a higher list (E.G. if you are on the D-list, then you will have a better shot at networking with C-listers). Love power will help you be able to date those on higher lists.

If you need the best answer out of all possible answers in a discussion with someone, spend a K coin (Koin?) to use your charm power on them. This is arguably the best usage of the K-coins unless you have so many of them that you can afford to buy new premium clothing.

You can connect on Facebook and network and flirt with your friends who play the game too. If you don’t have any friends who play the game, add people by looking for their contact information in various places. Start with the comment section of this article, and look also in the App Store review pages, on the Facebook fan page(s) for this game, or post your own Add Me info as well.

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