King of Crabs: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

King of Crabs is a massively multiplayer battle game where you play as a crab, and your goal is to kill other crabs, eat food, and survive. Like games such as and Fishy, your goal is to become the biggest and highest ranking of your kind, as well as to unlock new crabs and upgrade your existing crabs, to earn coins, and to score the most points and earn the highest trophy count possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for King of Crabs!

Your main controls are to change direction with your left thumb and to dash with your right thumb. Dashing requires you to have at least some charge in your dash bar (the bottom bar); a full bar allows you to do a super dash. You can also tap the dash button over and over when facing off against an opponent in order to do many attacks in a row.

You can get bigger and stronger by earning points, which you can do by eating smaller creatures and other crabs. Smaller creatures are the easy part; just run over them. You have to fight other crabs first in order to eat them, through. Also, look for rare, random, large undersea creatures, which are not super common, but if you do find one, you can possibly earn over 1,000 points in one shot just by eating it. Some crabs also lose shell components and other items when you kill them, which you can then eat for more points.

As you rank up and as you earn coins, you’ll be able to earn upgrades, whether through purchasing them in the “win stuff” area or by claiming your rank rewards (you’ll know you have something to claim when a red exclamation mark appears next to the “rank” menu). Upgrade points will allow you to increase the speed, health, or attack power of a specific crab, while skill points will increase a particular skill for all crabs that you own. Also, the higher your crab level, the larger your crab is at the beginning of the game.

A speedier crab can track down and attack other easier, while greater attack and health will give you an advantage in taking down larger crabs. Of course, the larger you grow, the more your attack and health (and to a lesser extent, your speed) grow, so go after larger and tougher prey as you score more points. Also, look for weapons and armor (e.g. shields, oars, etc) strewn about the battleground to massively boost your attack and health and allow you to go after larger crabs.

You can get common, rare, super rare, epic, and legendary crabs from the crab machine by paying 20 pearls apiece. The more rare a crab is, the lower your chances of receiving it from a spin, but a rarer crab has better stats and a larger appearance, as well as base stats that are higher than those rarities before it.

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