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King of Thieves – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

King of Thieves is a new multiplayer puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to get around the traps and monsters so that you can steal the gold and gems, but the twist is that not only do you do this in hundreds of single-player levels, but you and other players can steal gold and gems from each other and earn league points a la Clash of Clans. Read on for some tips and tricks for King of Thieves!

Defense is the most important thing when it comes to protecting your goods from getting stolen by other players. Set your saws, monsters, cannons and other traps in the most frustrating place possible. You have to get your own treasure twice in a row to save it, but if you are getting your own treasure the first time that you try it, you’re doing it wrong. You should be cussing the game out trying to get your own treasure.

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Want to scout out the people who have attacked you? If you have not already revenged them and you can’t because the player is online, look at their base anyways and you can figure out a strategy to get them back. Then, when they are finally offline, you can attack and take away their gems and their gold.

The lock is the first thing that you should upgrade, because the more keys the other players waste on your lock, the less likely they are to actually get an attack in. Plus, if there are only three keyholes on your lock, then the majority of the time it’s going to be the middle keyhole that’s the right one. Use this to your advantage when you are raiding other players, too, as this makes it far easier to do more break-ins while spending less keys.

You get randomly organized into a league depending on how many trophies you have, so if you want to max out on your league points, win more matches. If you want easy prizes every other tournament period, then go hard during one tournament, getting as many trophies as possible. Then sandbag it and lose intentionally during the next league period to get dropped into the lower leagues again. Repeat ad nauseum for some easy prize winnings.

Set the push notifications to tell you when keys are restored, so that when you run out, you’ll be able to know and easily come back to the game to go on more raids. If you run out of room for gems, sell your lowest-value gems by tapping them and dragging them off to the lower right corner of the screen, in exchange for extra gold.