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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X or χ (pronounced “chi”) is a new iOS and Android game by Square Enix based off of the browser game Kingdom Hearts χ. In this game your goal is to create a character and then go through the worlds in Kingdom Hearts, using your keyblade and various special attacks to defeat the Heartless. You can group up with friends and share medals with them, collect, upgrade and evolve your medals, and go on raids together. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ!

During normal gameplay, especially when you fight against non-boss characters, use the multi-target attack whenever possible to finish battles quickly. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule. If you are in a tougher battle, take advantage of the element system and target whichever Heartless has a flashing icon, as they are weak against your current medal.

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Additionally, when you are fighting the “target”, or the final Heartless of the level, their tag will glow in red. One of your quests for the level will always be to defeat them in one turn. Save your special attacks for the target, use as many of them as possible, and aim at your target directly with the rest of the attacks to kill it within the first turn. Then kill the rest in any order, and you’ll complete the one-turn quest.

Quests earn you experience points for completing them, so it’s important to check the quests for each level and complete all three of them. Even if you have completed all quests for a level, though, you can still replay the level, either to try to get all three Mickeys or simply to grind for items and medals.

Medals can be upgraded in two different ways. Upgrades allow you to sacrifice unused medals in order to power up medals that you are using. Evolving medals enables you to add one star of rarity to them. You need a specific set of sacrifice medals in order to make the evolution happen, and the set differs depending on which medal you want to upgrade.

Play the special quests in addition to the story quests in order to earn special items, or specific items (jewels, mythril etc) in larger quantities. These will generally be more difficult to beat but the rewards will be greater. Different special quests open up each day, so check back every day to see what you can complete.