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Kingdom Royale for iOS: Get more Crowns, energy and experience points

In Kingdom Royale for the iOS platform, Crowns are the premium currency of the game, and they normally cost real money to buy, but they allow you to buy some perks that can really speed the game up, such as rushing construction, upgrading of buildings or training of troops. Energy allows you to collect from your buildings and do any other job that you wish, but without energy, you’re stuck. Experience points are what you get in order to make your way toward gaining experience levels. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

There are a couple ways to get more Crowns. One of them, which is the obvious way, is to buy them through the iTunes store. However, you can get crowns for free. You can get free crowns when you complete certain quests, especially the more difficult quests relative to the stage of the game that you’re at (for example, uniting 8 territories). Tap the quests box and check on the rewards of all of your quests to see which of the ones give you crowns.

The only two ways to get more energy in the game without spending anything are to wait for your energy to restore, or to gain an experience level, which will automatically restore your energy bar to full. However, you can also earn Energy Drinks as quest bonus and daily bonuses. To use them after you earn them, tap on the plus sign next to your energy meter, and tap on any of the energy drinks which has a black number next to it (this represents having energy drinks in stock, as opposed to needing to spend crowns on more energy)

Experience points can be gotten from completing quests, winning in battles (losing will not earn you any experience), and collecting from your resource or troop buildings. To gain experience faster, fight in battles as often as possible and collect from your resource buildings as often as possible. In addition, keep training new troops, because each new troop that you collect after you train will also earn you experience points.

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