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Kingdom Royale for iOS: Resource Guide – How to get more food, wood, gold, opal, amethyst, diamond, sapphires and emeralds

In Kingdom Royale for the iOS, there are a large number of resources that you can get in order to keep your kingdom running. Food, wood and gold are necessary for almost all of the buildings that you purchase and all of the troops that you hire, and without them, you’re going to have a very hard time really getting anywhere in the game. Emerald, Opal, Amethyst and Diamond are four forms of jewelry that have many advanced uses, such as building upgrades and using them to hire more powerful troops in your camps. Read on to find out how to easily get more of all of the above!

Gold is acquired by building one or more banks, and then to acquire even more gold, upgrade the banks. The more banks that you build and upgrade, the more that you will earn. Wood is acquired by building and upgrading one or more sawmills. The more sawmills that you have, the more wood that you acquire.

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Food is acquired by building more farms and upgrading the farms that you already have. Each time that you upgrade any one of these three buildings, you will be able to earn far more maximum food/wood/gold from it before it stops earning due to not being collected from, plus it will earn resources more quickly.

The five pieces of jewelry are a little bit more difficult to get. Emeralds can be acquired the same way as the three resources above can, except by building an emerald mine. Build it, upgrade it, and it will earn you more and more Emeralds, which are the most common form of gemstone.

The Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond and Opal mines all cost you a large number of crowns to buy. Buy them in the same tabs as you would buy every other one of the mines and resources collection points, but in this case, you actually have to spend real life money in order to get these four gemstones. No reason why you should have to do that, really.

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