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Kingdoms & Lords: How to get more wood, metal, textiles, and how to upgrade your army units

In Kingdoms & Lords, various types of supplies and goods are used for many things. You can put wood, metal and textiles to use for many things, from building new buildings to training new fighters for your army. You can even use them to upgrade your units, causing your troops to grow stronger and helping you to win more battles against Osgoth and his goons, or any other future battles you wind up in. Read on to find out how to get more textiles, wood and metal, and how to upgrade your units!

To get more of the textiles, wood and metal, you need to, of course, put your sawmill, mine and textile workshop to use too, but remember also that not only can you own more than 1 each of all three of these buildings, but you can own as many as you want. That means you can buy an expansion and fill the whole thing with these buildings. If you are a high roller with diamonds to spend, you can buy the lumber mill, quarry, and textile mill instead.

Short term jobs at the sawmill, mine and textile workshop will earn you wood, fabric and metal at a higher rate of speed, but long term jobs will earn you all three of these whether you are playing the game or not (at least until time runs out on the job you are doing).

To upgrade your units, first, complete every quests that you can for quite awhile. Eventually, somewhere around experience level 7 or so, a quest will pop up prompting you to buy a Training Ground. Once this happens, go to the shop tab, then go to Special and buy one. Once you have the training ground completed, tap on it and select a troop to unlock. You will need to ask for items from friends (or spend a few diamonds) to unlock a unit, so choose carefully – I recommend the light cavalry myself.

The swordman is free to unlock, though. Once you unlock a unit, each upgrade that you can give them costs coins and either wood, metal or textiles, so save up so you can power up your troops massively!


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