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Kingpin Billionaire (Kingpin Clicker) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kingpin Billionaire, AKA Kingpin Clicker, is a new iOS clicker game with all kinds of references to memes, as well as to You have to try to tap on the face as quickly as possible so that you can earn as many dots as possible, which you can then use to purchase upgrades, and then use said upgrades to earn even more dots. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingpin Billionaire, AKA Kingpin Clicker!

The most effective and important upgrades are the finger upgrades, AKA the second menu from the left, because these will change the amount that you earn per click that you make. The CPS upgrades will allow you to earn dots without tapping, but it’s not near as many dots, and they only have an effect while the game is active, not when the game is closed.

If you want to earn a lot of dots while you are not playing though, set your phone so that your screen never goes into hibernation mode, plug it into a charger, and leave the game open for a long time while you are doing something else, such as sleeping. You’ll earn a ton of dots this way. Make sure that your CPS upgrades are upgraded as highly as you can before you do this for extra effect.

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Hit the third menu from the left to upgrade the offline earnings capacity and speed. Then go to the fifth menu from the left (the one which looks like a treasure chest) to collect all of the dots that you build up over time. This actually has a higher upgrade capacity than the standard Upgrade CPS earnings do, but they can be very expensive.

Wander around between menus and upgrades and eventually you will get a pop up that allows you to either multi-tap or increases tap income by x150. If you get the first one, tap with as many fingers as possible at the same time, and if you get the second one, then accept it, or hit “double it for free” to watch an ad video to change the multiplier to x300. This lasts for ten seconds.

After you use these bonuses, immediately go back to the finger upgrade and buy as many of them as you can. Then once you do that, tap to get your dot earnings back up again and then go back to the other upgrade menus and work on those ones until they’re somewhat caught up.