Kingpin Bowling – Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

By | April 16, 2018

Kingpin Bowling is a new endless bowling game for the iOS and Android where your goal is to hit the pins, and avoid everything else. You can steer your ball around the course to avoid all sorts of weird obstacles, earn coins, and use those coins to unlock new bowling balls. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingpin Bowling!

If you hit the red pins, you will earn one point per hit. If you hit the blue ones, you’ll earn two points, and if you hit the red, white and gold bonus pins, you’ll earn four points plus five coins. At random times you’ll earn a “Strike” bonus, which takes you to a rainbow road that contains nothing but coins and bonus pins. There is no rhyme or reason to when or why the Strike happens, but when it does, your score and riches will go up a LOT.

If you want to go for the highest score possible and you have a LOT of patience, go to the options menu and switch the game over to kids mode. Kids mode will slow the game down and make it so that there are less obstacles, but less pins overall. Everything else, though, such as strikes and bonus pins, still applies, except that you’ll also frequently come across random rows of coins to collect, making this a much quicker way to grind for coins.

The main video ad offer in this game is at the main menu, where you can tap to watch a video in exchange for a 2x bonus for three straight hours. Once the bonus runs out, you can watch another video to pump it back up. This doubles the value of every coin that you earn in the game, and coins usually appear in fives, so every 5 coins that you’ll get will actually be worth 10 coins if you use this bonus.

There are two ways to die in this game. One of them is to smash into any object that is not a pin. If you do this, you’re done instantly. Another way to die is to miss three pins. Underneath the score area, you will see a pin count. You start with three opaque pins. Each time that you miss a pin, one of the pins goes dark and transparent. Miss three of them, and your run is done, so be sure to hit every single pin. They’re easy to aim for, anyways.

As you go further into a (non-kid mode) level, you’ll start to see more and more obstacles pop up. They will be stationed more closely to each other, and there will be a higher density and variety of them, so watch out. Some of the more challenging ones are the pencils because you often can’t tell which ones are forward or back until you’re close to them. Also, watch out for the rolling donut and the extend-a-hand that punches out to the side when you get close to it.