King’s Empire Resource Guide, Part 2: More ways to get more gold, wood, food, iron and stone

By | 20130722

Welcome to part 2 of the King’s Empire resource guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Spending gems can earn you a lot of resources, and it actually costs a very small number of gems in order to buy a resource. For example, spending 1 gem can buy you 5,000 of one resource. However, it’s a much better deal to go for the Small, Medium or Large supply carts instead. Supply carts don’t earn you gold, but they earn you food, wood, stone AND iron, and small carts only costs 1 gem apiece. Load up on them to load up on resources.

Or, use the direct resource buy option, and buy a lot of gold (1 gem for 5,000 gold over and over again) and then go to the market, use your buying power to find the best deals, and buy the other four resources using all of the gold that you just purchased.

Use the academy research to speed up your resource buildings. Research logging, quarrying, mining and agriculture to speed up the acquisition of wood, stone, iron and food (in that order). Each upgrade on each form of production will increase the production of the specified resource by 10%. For example, a level 5 upgrade to Logging will increase wood production by 50% per worker.

Go to the quests menu and tab over to the daily quests. All of the daily quests will earn you gold when you complete them, so use them to earn large amounts of extra gold. The daily quests appear once per day, and once they are done, they are done; however, the next day you will be able to complete them again. Many of the additional quests in the game in the “growth” quest lists, will also earn you exclusively gold.

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Build as many cities as you possibly can, in order to collect as many resources as you can. Use the transfer option to send resources back and forth between all of your cities, as needed, Do every tip in the last 2 pages for all of your cities to multiply your resources by an insane amount.

Take over various villages to earn extra resources. Take over the foundry to earn more iron, take over the farm to earn food, take over the lumbermill to earn wood and take over the quarry to earn stone. The higher the level of the village, the more resources that you will earn over time.

Add people to your friend list and request resources from them if need be. In addition, request resources from members of whatever alliance you are a part of if you need to.