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Kinja Run – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Kinja Run is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that can best be described as a cross between an endless runner and a shoot-em-up. You can equip your character with various weapons, armor, and other clothing items, pick up skills throughout the run, avoid obstacles, and defeat, the enemies and bosses before they defeat you. As you quest from level to level, they will get harder and more difficult to be in, but you can earn gold, gems, and rare and epic equipment in the process to help you along.

Read on for a list of tips, tricks, and cheats for Kinja Run!

In each level, you will be able to move left and right, but not jump or slide, because those skills aren’t necessary in this game. Your character will automatically fire, so all you have to do is aim at enemies while avoiding their shots.

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After each leg of the level, you will pick up a new skill. There are all kinds of new skills that you can pick up, from enhancing your main weapon to adding new weapons, and even other boosts, that will heal you and strengthen you. The fire ball, and the lightning bolt, for example, will automatically aim at enemies whenever they show up.

The holy light will do massive amounts of damage to enemies, but you have to manually aim it, which can make it less effective against bosses, especially. There are also various statistical boosts, as well as revive, which lets you revive once after you lose, and whale tell, which causes bosses to drop health boosts after you defeat them.

Different types of weapon equipment will have different styles and effects, and the one that you should use depends on what your personal style of play is. The ninja stars, for example, will shoot forward and aim slightly toward the nearest enemy, while the frost spears will shoot out in rapid fashion, and aim for multiple enemies at a time.

As far as the rest of your equipment, there will be various side effects when you’re at the blue tier and above, but the most important thing is to boost your stats as high as they can possibly get. Be sure to level up your equipment, which costs gold and reinforcement books, in order to make it as powerful as possible.

There are tons of ways to get free gems in this game, so be sure to collect all of your quest rewards as soon as you can. There are different boxes that you can open up with different types of equipment, with blue and purple equipment coming from the more expensive box that costs 250 gems per item. Every tenant equipment poles, you are guaranteed a purple tier item.

If you get to a point where you are stuck on a particular level, then try different types of weapons, because one particular style might be more beneficial on one level, but less beneficial on another level. Before you even get to this point, also, be sure to keep different types of weapons in your stash so that you can use them at different times.