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Kiziland – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kiziland is a new clicker game where your goal is to collect a bunch of Kizi, earn coins from them, and evolve them until they mutate to more and more outlandish and eccentric evolutions. You can even unlock new areas, and send your coin earnings through the roof. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kiziland!

You start off only able to purchase the Kidzi, who is the base Kizi, from the store. Once you pass a certain evolution level you will be able to purchase higher and higher Kizi. Clear out all of the eggs, then fill up your Kizi stash, and you can make the next evolution go by a whole lot more quickly. Do this as much as you can until you run out of coins.

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Once you run out of coins, the best way to fill it again is simply to max out your Kixi (both in quantity and in quality), then leave the game to sit overnight or something so that you can rack up coins. Then when you wake up in the morning, go back to the game and start purchasing more Kizi again until you run out of coins again.

Another way to get coins extremely quickly is to turn off the sleep function on your phone, then plug it in and set the game to active on the screen, on the highest level area that you have unlocked (the one with the best Kizi). They earn coins every few seconds, and the higher the Kizi evolution level, the more coins that it will earn you, so that’s why you want to have that one active when you leave the phone alone. This can literally double your earnings rate.

Or, of course, go to the Kizi that’s the highest level, and tap it over and over like any other clicker game. This will earn you a ton of coins especially if you can keep it up for quite awhile.

Tap on all of the present boxes that you find. Some of them will give you free Kizi while others will give you free coins. Some of them will even contain free stars, which are the premium currency of the game. Stars can be used to purchase new Kizi instead of coins, if you choose to do so, and the price doesn’t increase as you buy them, unlike with coins.