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KleptoCats Cartoon Network: List of Safe Codes and How To Get Them

KleptoCats Cartoon Network is the latest installment in the long-running KleptoCats series by Hyperbeard Games. This one has you sending the thieving felines out to collect items related to various shows in the Cartoon Network universe, from Steven Universe to Adventure Time, and more.

You can even go to different worlds from not only the Cartoon Network universe, but the KleptoCats universe as well! Of course, you can unlock new cats, and you can earn pearls and coins along the way.

One way to get free coins, pearls, and other goodies is by heading to the safe area and entering a Safe Code for some free rewards. Read on for a list of Safe Codes and a guide for how to find more of them in KleptoCats Cartoon Network!

First, we’ll talk about how to get to the Safe Codes menu. To do that, first, get past the tutorial so that the options menu opens up.

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Then open up the menu, and tap on the Settings button. When the Settings open up, you’ll notice a little miniature safe next to the Privacy Policy button. Tap the safe and then enter in the safe code on the pop up window.

You’ll be able to see right away if the Safe Code worked. A disappointed text face will pop up if it didn’t work. If the code was good, then you will earn your reward, such as pearls or coins, right away.

One of the top places to find these codes is on the official Hyperbeard sites on both Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes these codes are given out as a promo or it celebrate a specific holiday, so you can start looking at that point.

Unofficial channels, though, are often likely to have what the official ones won’t, or to have a more comprehensive archive of any code that has been found. Reddit and Discord are the top two unofficial channels, as they tend to have the most dedicated community of gamers, and often, they tend to be somewhat interconnected.

A few other sources exist, too. One is the developers themselves. If you are press, and you need to write about the game for a review or an opinion, then often the developers will send you a specific Safe Code so that you can use the rewards to further your distance into the game.

Sometimes, a Safe Code might get sent out an an apology for technical difficulties that have a serious effect on the game.

Right now, there are no known Safe Codes that work in KleptoCats Cartoon Network. Be sure to bookmark this article though, because as soon as we discover new safe codes, we will post them on this article.

As always, if you find mew codes before I do, be sure to share them in the comments section!


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