KleptoCorns – List of Special Codes and How To Get Them

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KleptoCorns is the latest game in HyperBeard’s “Klepto” series of games that has featured cats, dogs, and even Cartoon Network characters up until this point. Your goal, of course, is to collect unicorns, and send them out to steal items to add to your yard.

These items not only add decoration to your yard, but they’ll also attract other unicorns to your yard. On top of that, you can also earn coins and pearls, allowing you to buy more goodies for your unicorns, and to unlock more brand new unicorns.

This game contains a series of ever-changing and ever-expanding Special Codes, which allow you to get all sorts of bonuses in exchange for entering gift codes in the right area.

Read on for a guide to, and list of the Special Codes and how to get them in KleptoCorns!

The first thing to know is how to get to the Special Codes menu. To get there, first, go to the menu button (looks like a diary), then go to Settings. Once there, tap on the safe and the Special Codes menu will pop up.

Once you’re here, go ahead and enter the safe code or special code that you want to in order to see if it works. Special codes have a shelf life consisting of a specific number of uses all across the world, then they’re expired.

According to the developer, oftentimes the Special Codes will come hidden on objects that the unicorns pick up. So examine the objects, see if codes from one or more objects can be pieced together in a way that makes sense, and if they can, you’ll end up with a working code.

Special Codes can sometimes get sent out as individual compensation for technical difficulties or purchasing difficulties. Additionally, they might give Special Codes to the press in order to use as part of the process of reviewing KleptoCorns.

Oftentimes the Special Codes will come out as a result of the holidays. If this does happen, then HyperBeard might reactivate expired codes if they pertained to the last time that the holiday came around, so always be sure to test them again when this happens.

The best places to check for Special Codes tend to be the official Twitter and Facebook channels of HyperBeard, but there are unofficially FAR better places to look. Reddit, for example, is a great place to look. Hit the subreddit for the game and players will be posting codes that they use or have used.

Discord is a good place to search, as are other social media channels, such as Instagram. Anywhere that uses hashtags, just check the hashtag #Kleptocorns and you might find something.

Right now, there are absolutely no working codes known or listed anywhere for KleptoCorns. Bookmark this page, though, as not only do I continuously update in order to reflect the latest found codes, but I also test codes posted by people in the comments, then post working ones in the article.

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