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KlickPop Puzzle Panic – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

KlickPop Puzzle Panic is a new matching puzzle game for the iOS and Android. This is a one stage quick fire puzzle game where is your goal is to score the highest amount of points possible. You can collect coins and use a range of power ups to help you along the way, but ultimately this is a game of speed and skill. Read on for some tips and tricks for KlickPop Puzzle Panic!

One of the easiest ways to score a massive number of points is to clear all but one of the colors from a large area. A huge amount of one color so that was one tab, you can clear the whole thing. Then tap it and you will earn a massive number of points, but be careful not to run out of time while you are doing this trick.

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Have a plan in place before you start to happen. It is best to start from the top, because if you start from the bottom you will start this lodging blocks because they will fall down, and your whole plan will go to shambles because if you had redefine shoots in mind to tab, they will no longer be at the top of your mind.

You can earn coins as you know, the best way of doing so being from Christ. Make sure to set your push notifications so that they will alert you when you have a prize ready to open, because if you don’t do this, it is very easy to forget about the price. The price timers reset themselves when you open the box which is currently available to you.

If you want to earn a prize box right away without having to wait for it, go to the date and time settings on your phone or tablet and set the time I had by however much time is left on the prize. Do this as many times as you want to and you can earn an unlimited number of coins in a very short period of time. Once you set the time back to normal though, all of the timers will reset as well so you will have an insanely long amount of time until the next box is ready for you.

Open the prize box to take a chance for a random power up rather than spending money on individual power ups. If you get the fireball power up, it will be slightly more expensive compared to buying it on its own, but if you get any other power at besides that one, it will be much cheaper to get it via spending your coins on the prize box rather than on my power up directly.