Knife Hit – Rare Boss Guide – How to beat all of the rare bosses

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Soda Can: Time the knife throws during the medium-speed spins. When the can starts shaking from side to side, then avoid throwing any knives. The pattern is the same (minimum-speed movement followed by shaking), so keep doing this until the level is beaten.

The Candy: Moves really quickly at a consistent speed. Tap with two fingers alternating to let your knives out really quickly. Do this until you run out of knives.

Shirt Button: Moves at three speeds: slow, slower, and slowest. So you have to squeeze the knives in AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE in order to beat this level as you have a ton of knives to throw when you play this round.

The Waffle: Goes really fast, and then really slowly for a long time. So to beat this one, wait for the slow periods (since they last a long time) and use the slow periods to drop the knives in there.

Dunk Shot: Moves clockwise quickly-is, then counterclockwise slowly. Use the slow moments and drop the knives down very close to each other. Be patient and just repeat until you use up all of the knives.

Life Belt: Moves super fast, and then super slowly as it loses speed a bit. Start tossing your knives down as it loses speed, as it’s almost impossible to aim the knives at the fast moments. So as the belt hits its slow moments, aim the knives and throw them.

Wool Ball: There are a lot of different movements here, so you have to wait them out and try to time them. But the common thread is that they start fast and then slow down a little bit. So wait for the slow moments, be patient, and then throw the knives down.

The Saw: It slows down and speeds up in a very simple way. Where it gets difficult is the fact that there are a ton of knives to throw. So as they slow down, throw the knives in close to each other, and repeat until you run out of knives.

Legendary Boss Guide for Knife Hit

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