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Knight IO – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Knight IO is a new Android and iOS game in the .io “genre” – that is, short, simple, quick-play multiplayer competition games. You play as a little round knight character, and your goal in this game is to kill the other players’ knight characters, earn stars, and collect gems and honor, which can then be used to earn new characters and to upgrade your pre-existing characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Knight IO!

Each knight has a certain portion of their body that can’t be hurt. You’ll notice this on yourself and on rival knights, because there will be a thin white line on the opposite side of your body as the one that your weapon’s on. So if you need to defend yourself against a coming onslaught of attacks from other players, then turn the shield side toward them and block their attacks.

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The more enemies you kill, the longer your weapon gets. The main advantages here are that you can kill from a distance, and that if you take on a rival head to head, you have a better chance of winning due to the length of your weapon. You still need to aim properly and to be sure that you don’t get caught unawares by a rival, though, so don’t charge in without a plan.

You can collect honor whenever you play in a team battle or whenever you complete your daily objectives. Collect enough honor, and you’ll be able to upgrade your character and improve their performance in battle. Their appearance will also change.

You can get new characters in various ways, from spending honor and gems to liking the game on Facebook – it all depends on the character. Some are considered to be more premium than others – this is decided by what their special ability is. Some have a spin-attack ability, for example, while some charge forward at higher rates of speed than normal.

Even outside of these special abilities, though, characters perform differently on movement-based characteristics. Some characters move more quickly than others. Some turn more quickly than others. You won’t know who is your best character unless you experiment a little bit – try as many characters as you can and find the one that you like best and that works the best for you,