Knight Quest: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Knight Quest is a unique new action runner for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a chess knight, and thus you can only move in the direction that a knight moves (two spaces forward, one space sideways or one space forward, two spaces sideways). Your goal is to make it to the end of the level, outmaneuver all of the other chess pieces, and beat each level.

Not only that, but you also have an endless mode that you can play in order to go as far as you possibly can and take on a hardcore challenge. You can earn horseshoes and other goodies, unlock other characters in the store, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Knight Quest!

You can move in any direction that the knight moves, and then all of your rival pieces will move in any direction that they can move. So pawns, queens, rooks, and more, will all be true to their moves in real chess. The computer will also take its turn after you do, so be very careful about the next move you’re going to make.

Before you go to a spot, check where the next move for all of the pieces on the board will be. If any one piece has any chance at all of getting to you, then stop and go to another spot instead. If the spot is safe, then move to it.

When you lose at a particular level, you can either start back over from the beginning of the level for free, or take a video offer in order to begin again from where you left off (or spend gems for the same thing). If you do a video restart, you’re going to need a strong internet connection in order to play the video, but if you have that, then you’ll always be able to pick up from where you left off.

You can collect horseshoes as you go by picking up the treasures in each level, or by taking opposing chess pieces. While it is good to collect horseshoes, don’t get too sidetracked by this. Instead, make survival your first priority. Grab any treasure or take any piece that you can, when you can do so safely, but remember that safety is always your first priority, so stick to safe squares.

Go back to the map and hit the level with the infinity symbol behind it in order to go to the endless level. This level will go for as long as you’re able to stay alive, and will show you various obstacles in the game far before you unlock the levels that contain them. Plus, the endless level is an excellent source of horseshoes, so play it as often as possible if you want to get more pieces quickly.

Hit the blank space to see the store. The store allows you to spend your horseshoes for new pieces, but here’s the catch: all of the new pieces are variants of the knight. They will all move the same way as your starting standard Chess Knight, but they will change their appearance. All of the new pieces in the store are entirely cosmetic, giving you the option to ignore the store if you want to.

If you are having slowdown on the phone or the graphics aren’t high-resolution enough for your liking, then go to the options menu and set the graphics to fit your phone. If you have an older phone, decrease the quality to increase the frame rate and stop the lag. If you are using a newer phone, you should be able to get away with setting graphics at the highest possible level.

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