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Knives Out (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Knives Out is a new game by NetEase for the iOS and Android platforms that brings gameplay similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to the device. It’s mostly the same game as their other battle arena game, Rules of Survival, but with a more fleshed-out tutorial and some extra twists. You can play against 100 other players in an arena and try to survive for as long as possible. You can earn coins and buy more stuff for your character. Read on for some tips and tricks for Knives Out for the iOS and Android!

You get more coins depending on how many other players die before you do. If you want to farm for coins, start a level, find a bush to hide in, then lay down and hide in it and set your phone down (with the auto-sleep turned off) and wait for the round to be done. Wait for this to happen and when the poison gas comes, you’ll die, but about half the field will typically be dead first, so you’ll earn plenty of coins.

Even if you don’t have more costumes for your character, you can still customize their look at the beginning by dropping your clothing. If your character is male, you’ll play the whole round in boxer briefs. If your character is female, you’ll play the round in short leggings and a camisole. You can pick them up and put them on again if you change your mind part of the way through.

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In the early portions of the round, there will be nothing to kill you except the other players, so take a lesson from the Hunger Games and stay in the shadows. Either hide or search out some weapons to play with, but stay away from other players as much as possible. Once the poison gas shows up, hunt for the safe zones and use them to find other players to attack.

Vehicles can either be your worst nightmare or your best friend. Watch out for other players who have grabbed a vehicle, because if they hit you, you’ll be injured and you’ll slowly die off. If you can find a vehicle to drive, though, steal it and hunt down other players. Running them down is your best bet, but you can shoot from certain vehicles as well.

There’s a big difference between team, duo and solo modes, one of the biggest being vehicles. One player can drive while the other shoots when you’re playing in team or duo mode. Plus, you can find other players and team up with them to operate in fire teams, covering each other and protecting each other.