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Korrigans: Kingdom Wars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Korrigans: Kingdom Wars is a new MMORTS that combines many different elements into one unique game. You can battle hero vs hero, in a tactical RPG style like Final Fantasy Tactics, and you can raid other players’ cities, akin to Game of War: Fire Age. Plus, you can build up your own base from a small town with a little tavern in the center, to a big, powerful city with a whole lot of defenses, and a lot of booze inside of that tavern. Read on for some tips and tricks for Korrigans: Kingdom Wars!

Resource collection can be done in two ways. The first is from the resource buildings, so you want to make sure to maximize the total number of buildings, as well as upgrading them as high as you can. The tavern’s level determines how high you can upgrade your resource buildings, so upgrade the tavern, and you can make more resource buildings.

The other way to do so is to raid other players, but you’ll have to do some planning because you have a limited number of raids per day. Scout other players to figure out how much they have in the way of resources, and what troops and defensive units they have at their base. Make sure that your army is big and powerful enough to dominate them, so that you can earn all of the resources that you can.

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In hero vs hero fights, you can fight in single player and multiplayer mode. Your best bet in single player is to attack, then move away and let the enemy chase after you. They’ll waste a potential attack space doing so. In multiplayer battles, you and the other players should gang up on one enemy at a time. Lead them on a chase and confuse them so they don’t get a good consistent target. Knock them out one by one.

Be sure to join a clan. You and your clan can help each other out with troops and other goodies, and you can help each other strategize. If you are new to the game and the clan is accepting of new folks, they can help you learn the ins and outs and the strategies that work.

To defend your base well, in addition to having loads of troops and unlocking as many new types as you can, max out your defensive towers as they will be your front line of defense. If your attackers are out fighting a battle or marching, then your defensive buildings are going to have all of the pressure put on them in order to fight off attackers.