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KSI Unleashed – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

KSI Unleashed is a new iPhone and Android game where you play as the rapper KSI, known on YouTube as KSIOlajideBT. You are one of the last people on earth who is not under the control of the Illuminati. They tried to turn you into a monstrous superpowered version of yourself for their uses and failed, so now your goal is to destroy them. You can unlock all sorts of weird weapons, earn gems and curcency, and take down the Illuminati for good. Read on for some tips and tricks for KSI Unleashed!

Chicken is the energy of this game. You use one chicken each time that you play a level, and if you use all of them then you won’t be able to play until at least one of them comes back. If you want to restore all of your chickens right away, though, then go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by about ten minutes per chicken. Go back to the game and you will have all of your chickens back.

Your weapons each have limited lifespan per level, so don’t use them against easy enemies or when you don’t really need them. Save them for the most appropriate time. For example, projectiles should be used against other projectile shooters, while melee weapons should be used against tougher bosses, especially faster hitters.

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There are plenty of missions in the game that earn you extra currency, but every single one of them can be skipped by watching a video. All that you have to do to load the video is to hit the skip button (forward arrow-shaped button), at which point a video will play and at the end of it, you will earn the 100 currency.

More free stuff can be earned by hitting the Mega Deals button in the weapon shop area. Here you can watch videos for more currency (more than 100), claim free gifts, and like and follow on Facebook and Twitter to get even more free currency. Use that currency to open weapons boxes. The more weapons, the merrier.

One easy way to take care of large crowds of enemies is to circle around them and get them to follow you first. Then, when they are all crowded together, start attacking them so that you can hit all of them at once, nailing them with combo attacks all at the same time so that no stragglers can attack you.