Kung Fu Clicker: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Kung Fu Clicker is a new idle game by PikPok for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in charge of running a combination of a kung fu dojo and a city, complete with different rooms, businesses, and defenders to stop your city from getting overrun with bad guys.

Your goal is to build it into the most lucrative city as possible, collect money and Chi, and collect artifacts to increase your income even further, on the way to unlocking new areas of the dojo/city. Read on for some tips and cheats for Kung Fu Clicker!

Your goal is to unlock rooms; once you do that, you can then upgrade them, while the income builds up on its own. Fill that upgrade bar that comes with each room to unlock speed-doublers and multipliers. Speed doubles at level 10, 25, 50, 100, and so on. Once each individual collection can’t show on the bar anymore, then the speed doublers will turn into income doublers.

The upgrade notches will fill up when you fill the bar. You can fill five of them, then once you fill the bar again, the notches will reset and the color of your level will change, first to blue (silver), then to yellow (gold), then to platinum. While the color change doesn’t do much on its own, changing the color of all of your rooms in one area will lead to a massive 9x income boost for all of those rooms.

Oftentimes a raid will happen, where you have to defend your dojo against invaders. Tap on “go to raid” to start fighting against raiders, and then tap them as fast as you can, especially with more than one finger alternating, in order to make short work of them.

There are a ton of raids which can make them seem annoying at times, but they’re worth it because every time you defeat the last raider, you get a wooden chest, which contains a gigantic amount of coins, plus upgrade cards for your heroes and even new hero cards. They’ll also load you up with free chi, in order to make your next prestige that much better.

Tap on the lotus flower icon to head to the Transcend area, which is this game’s form of prestiging. When you transcend, you’ll earn chi, which enables you to buy artifacts or to upgrade artifacts that you already have. Artifacts give you all kinds of boosts, from combat boosts to higher money and faster production.

You’ll earn more chi based on how many rooms you unlock, what you level each room up to, and how much you get during raids, but the vast majority of it is from how many overall rooms you have unlocked. After a certain point it becomes more advantageous to Transcend earlier rather than later, so that you can earn smaller amounts of Chi, but FAR more frequently, earning more chi quicker overall.

Take all of the video bonuses that you can. Tap on the spin wheel to watch a video in order to spin for a bonus, and when you get back from being offline, tap in order to watch a video to multiply your offline income. Come back from being offline whenever you have as strong of a connection as possible.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. Be sure to check your achievements and daily quests, and to complete them as soon as you can. The faster that you complete them and then collect from them, the more overall gems you’ll earn.

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