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Kung Fu House – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Kung Fu House is a card-battling RPG out of Thailand that has recently made its way over to English-speaking markets and others around the world. There is a prominent martial artists who wants to merge all of the different schools of fighting together. Problem is, nobody wants that. Of course, this leads to an epic battle that will span all of China and beyond. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kung Fu House!

You get all of the summons (one in ten, one in hundred and one in ten thousand) for free after specific time intervals. Every 68 hours you get the one in 10 thousand summon, after every 20 hours you get a one in hundred summon, and after about five minutes you can get a free one in 10 summon. Even if your formation is full, keep extra fighters around for when you unlock more formation spaces.

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Plus, it’s good to have extra party members so that you can use the “transfer” function to power up one of the active fighters in your formation. An inactive disciple who is above level 1 can have its experience transferred into a different fighter. This can make the difference if you are stuck on a difficult round of battle that you can’t pass.

Otherwise, one of the big difference makers is simply to do two things. One, go to old battles and fight over and over again so that you can gain experience. Tap in the middle of the screen and the “skip” button will pop up, allowing you to finish battles more quickly.

Two, you’ll earn extra equipment as you fight, so constantly switch out old equipment for newer, more powerful equipment. Forge it as many times as you can, and then when your characters level up, go back and forge it again to further increase their traits.

Always be sure to collect every single bonus that you can in the main menu. The bonuses are always denoted by a number in red next to an icon, so look around for it if you can’t find it after tapping the icon.