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Kung Fu Pets – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Kung Fu Pets is a new animal raising game for the iOS and Android platforms. This answer to Dragon Mania Legends features all kinds of random animals with their own unique personality traits, such as the Greedy Dragon and the Leaf Buffalo. You can breed all of the pets, find all of the combinations and make new and unique types as well, all while collecting coins, food and gems and building your islands to greatness. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kung Fu Pets!

Be sure to build the right mix of habitats in order to earn coins quickly. For example, the forest habitat will earn a maximum of 200 gold, while the earth habitat will earn a maximum of a whopping 10,000 gold. While the forest habitat collects more gold per minute, the earth habitat earns far more gold over a long period of time before you have to collect it.

You have to spend coins in order to get rid of the trees, grass and rocks that block your building paths, but in exchange you’ll earn experience points. When you don’t have enough coins to do so though, start moving your buildings around and placing them as close together as possible. Close all gaps in between buildings and you will end up gaining new spaces for stuff.

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Want to get speedy level-ups? Follow the quests religiously. You can gain quick experience from doing away with the trees, grass and rocks, but they are expensive, and quets are not only typically cheaper, but they advance how well your island is doing. You’ll earn lots of food as well, making it really easy to power up your pets quickly.

Hit your collection area every time that you breed a new animal in the Summoning Dojo area. Go to the collection box and you will be able to earn free coins and gems for every single new character that you breed or purchase in the in-game store. If you already have one or more of that characer though, you won’t earn anything.

Try every single combination that you can think of in the Summoning Altar. If a combination doesn’t work for what you want out of it, then keep trying it again and again until you finally get it. The rarer the pet, the more chances you;ll have to take in order to breed it and not a more common alternative.

Always be on the lookout for events as they are a great source of new money, new gems and new Universe Dragons. Things such as login events and summoning events are a great source of what you ned to advance, especially to buy the ever-more-expensive expansions.