Langrisser Mobile: All Gift Codes, Promo Codes, Redeem Codes, and Cheats for More Codes

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Langrisser Mobile is the resurrection of one of the most popular Strategy RPG franchises ever, and has become the first billion-dollar SRPG in the history of mobile. You can collect characters, fight Shining Force-style, and a whole lot more.

You can earn all sorts of rewards as you make your way through the game, either for free, for timed events, or for making it further into the campaigns, as well as for PvP victories, but you can earn a significant amount of free rewards simply from all of the promo codes alone.

Read on for a list of all known gift codes, promo codes, and redeem codes for Langrisser Mobile, as well as a guide on how to redeem them!

The method of redemption for promo codes in Langrisser M depends on what platform you are using. If you’re playing on Android, you can redeem promo codes from the game itself. This also applies if you are playing from an Android emulator on desktop, such as Bluestacks.

All you have to do to redeem them on Android is to tap on your avatar. From there you will find a gift code menu under “Redeem Code”, where you can put in the promo code, and then send it and redeem your rewards.

However, if you are playing on iPhone or iPad, or another iOS vehicle (i.e. iPod Touch or an emulator), you have to go to a separate website and enter it. That website is Go here, type your account number and the gift code, and then go for your reward.

You can also use the above website if you are on Android or PC, but with Android, you have options – either use the website or do it from right within the game.

Some of the best places to search for Gift Codes include the Langrisser subreddit. Search both the English and the non-English versions, depending on what languages you speak. Discord and Facebook can be excellent sources for them, as well.

Another way to get exclusive gift codes and promo codes is to sign up in the game with your email for Langrisser’s newsletter. Not only will they send you your own, personalized redeem code, but they’ll send out global ones often, too.

If you want to get multiple personalized promo codes, then all that you have to do is sign up for multiple accounts with the game, using multiple email addresses, subscribe all of them to the mailing list, then redeem all of them with just one (your main) account.

As follows, here is a list of all of the known promo codes and cdkeys for Langrisser Mobile!










Stay tuned and bookmark this article for future updates to the gift code listings for Langrisser Mobile! Be sure to post any that you find in the comments, or read the comments to see what our readers find!

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