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Laser Kitty Pow Pow – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Laser Kitty Pow Pow is a new iOS and Android shooter game where your goal is to blow away enemies using the amazing firepower of your floating laser cat. Knock them all off, stop your central red gem from getting taken, and avoid getting killed while trying to collect as many coins and crystals as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Laser Kitty Pow Pow!

Whenever you tap on one side of the screen, your cat will move in the opposite direction. This happens whether you fire a laser or not, as lasers will only fire when there’s an enemy on the corresponding side of the screen to target. You’ll have to tap and move around in order to collect crystals and coins – and, of course, to shoot.

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However, don’t stray too far away from the gem at the middle of the screen. If an enemy touches the gem, then that’s instant death. Wait for the crystals to float toward you when you see them, or at the very least, don’t stray too far off to get them unless you are sure that it’s safe. You’re going to need to stay off to get coins as they stay stationary, but always keep an eye on the other side of the screen when you do to make sure that the gem isn’t getting invaded.

At the end of each level, you will be able to double the amount of coins you get by watching a free advertisement video. In addition, when you beat a level for the first time, you’ll earn a free chest. Collect enough crystals to earn a big chest, which contains a massive amount of coins. Every three hours or so you’ll earn a free coin reward, also.

Trying to figure out what to spend all of those coins on? As you gain levels, you’ll unlock new skills which allow you to use smart-bomb style attacks and other boosts. Try them out before you decide which ones you want to spend coins on, because upgrading them tends to be very expensive.

You can earn new cats as well, which won’t perform any differently than the other cats, but will allow for character collection and customization. If a locked cat is shaded in green, then it can be purchased with an in-app purchase or earned from a big chest. If the locked cat is shaded in blue, then you’ll be able to unlock it after reaching a specific experience level. Tap on the locked cat to see the level that you’ll earn it at.