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Lastronaut – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Lastronaut (not to be confused with the song L’Astronaut by Every Time I Die) is a pixel-packed visual treat of an endless runner for the iOS platform. This game places you, the last astronaut, into a post-apocalyptic version of earth, running as far as you can while destroying anything that gets in your way, and trying not to get destroyed in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Lastronaut!

The goal is to go as far as you can, and to do that you are going to have to avoid the multitude of obstacles on the ground, in the air, and otherwise that will blow you up in slow motion if you touch them. Always keep on the lookout and blast anything that you see in your way, and jump over what you can’t blast. Don’t let anything sneak up on you. Jump and shoot in order to get the missiles and the other objects that are floating in the air.

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Be sure to pick up any power ups that you see. You’ll start off each time with a different type of gun, but whenever you pick up a power-up (the one that looks like a bottle of laughing gas with a belt around it), you’ll get a different type of gun. You have a huge variety of random weaponry that you can either start with or collect, so if you have one that you love, keep it, and if you don’t, then collect the power up.

You will have to put in more or less effort to get a lot of kills depending on what kind of gun you have. Homing missiles and flamethrowers tend to be the easiest to get kills with. Shotguns have a big range but are not automatic, so you have to manually keep firing them. The homing laser or the standard straight cannon require a little bit more thought and strategy in order to use them correctly.

The bar at the top left corner of the screen tells you how much distance you still have to cover before you hit your previous record. The red in the bar represents the distance you have already covered. Once the bar is all the way full, you will have set a new distance record, and that will become the new benchmark that your future runs are measured against.

When you are doing battle against the enemy ship that follows you and fires at you, you’re going to have to jump and shoot it unless you have the homing missiles, but don’t be in such a hurry to kill it. Other stuff won’t appear as often while it’s still there, so take your time and let the distance rack up.