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League of Angels: Fire Raiders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

League of Angels: Fire Raiders is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. While the gameplay is not exactly original, it is and can be quite engrossing. You play with a party of up to six members, and your goal is to quest through numerous stages, upgrade your characters and their equipment, and beat increasingly tougher and tougher boss characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for League of Angels: Fire Raiders!

Each time that you battle, you’ll find more equipment for your characters, and you can find more equipment in the store as well. Once you have all six equipment slots filled, upgrade the applicable character and all of their stats will increase, and the equipment will disappear, allowing you to refill their equipment again. With each upgrade that you perform, their equipment for the next level will become harder and harder to come by.

Attacks in battle are done automatically, but always be sure to watch for the skill to fill up so that you can use it. When it’s glowing yellow, it’s ready to use. This also goes for Vienna’s ultimate skills, or any other angel’s ultimate skills. Most of the time, though, you can get away without using them except for during tougher boss battles. Therefore, load up on the special attacks for when the boss comes at the end of the battle.

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When you are putting a team together, especially after earning a number of new characters, look not at the current stats of all of the characters, but at all of their base stats. The current stats will be skewed in favor of your oldest party members due to level ups, equipment upgrades, and soulstone evolutions, while the new characters, while weaker at the moment, may actually have better base stats. If you want to level up a new character to get them to match your others, go to the older stages and play them again as needed.

Once you either hit level 8 or unlock VIP 1, you can blitz stages that you have already beaten. Blitzing them means that you can automatically complete a battle in literally a second. You’ll earn all of the items that you normally would earn, plus you have a higher chance at earning specific EXP items, which can then be used to power up your heroes.

In general, build your party out of the rarest characters that you can (rarity being measured by stars). Do this and you will end up with characters who tend to have higher base stats and are only a few levels and an upgrade or two away from having sky-high battle stats.