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Legend Dragon SaiYan’s Secret – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Legend Dragon SaiYan’s Secret is a new iOS and Android RPG that’s not official in any way, shape, or form (at least that I know of), but is, shall we say, VERY heavily based off of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. For an unofficial game the graphics are done rather masterfully, and the battle system, while flawed, is still decent enough to keep fans of the franchise coming back. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legend Dragon SaiYan’s Secret!

While you can manually do the battles yourself, auto-battling will suffice for 99 percent of the battles, as the game will automatically optimize what order your characters are placed in, matching them up against the enemy’s characters. Switch to doing it yourself mainly for the really tough battles. In that case you will have to tailor the strategy to best go for a quick finish. The goal in battle is to eliminate the enemy captain (their character to the far right) .

Spend your Dragil wisely. Any time that you can spend them in such a way as to get a permanent boost, rather than a temporary one, go for it. If you are going to buy more Dragil, buy it wisely as well. Wait for events and special offers to come around that give you more dragil for the money, rather than buying right away.

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There are a ton of ways to gain super fast experience points. One of the best ways is to go to an old stage and tap “raid”, then choose to raid 5 times. Do this until you run out of stamina, on the last level that you’ve beaten, for VERY quick experience levels. Also, complete the quests in the quest menu for rapid experience point gain, and to earn other treasures, including rare cards.

As you level up you’ll unlock new ways to upgrade your cards (among other goodies). You can evolve a card by decomposing cards that you no longer want, to get evolution experience. Save your evo experience until you have enough to evolve one of the current cards that you want to keep, and then once you evolve it, you’ll gain a big boost in base stats.

Every time that you earn new cards, go to the deck management area and auto-group them again. Even though some of it will be randomized, one thing that will always stay the same is that cards will be grouped by the best level, stats, and highest rarity, so when you get rarer cards, they will automatically be placed in and the old weaker cards will be shifted out.