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Legend of Solgard: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Legend of Solgard is King’s newest iOS and Android game, and this one is a far cry from all of their others – it’s a mobile RPG with much deeper and more complex elements than your usual Candy Crush type of game. Your goal is to match characters in order to launch attacks, collect coins and gems and sol gems to unlock and upgrade your characters, and make it through countless levels of nonstop action. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legend of Solgard!

The levels start off easy, but they get difficult real quickly, because the enemy will start hammering away at your main character. String together three characters next to each other to build a wall to protect part of your territory. Take any environmental advantage you can, such as when a sol bomb appears, hammer away at it to destroy multiple enemies in the level. But keep hitting at the ice wall, too; if you destroy it while other enemies are on screen, they’ll disappear immediately.

When you earn enough sol gems for one of your characters, an upgrade will become available. Your upgrades will be one of three stat boosts, such as attack power, critical chance, etc. When you upgrade all three of them, you’ll be able to promote your character, giving them three new possible upgrades and increasing their overall power level. These promotions can make a common character as strong or stronger than a rare character sometimes.

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Once you have more than four characters, experiment with your layout if you’re having trouble getting through a level. Swap characters in and out to see if one combination is more effective for a particular stage than another combination. You can go back to old stages to grind for coins, although playing an old stage won’t earn you any sol gems. They’re good if you need coins for an upgrade or a promotion, though.

Join a guild right away. The game will let you join a random guild, pick a guild, or even make your own guild. You can donate contributions to your guild in exchange for guild-wide buffs. Starting at player level 7, you’ll be able to fight a raid boss with your guild for big rewards. Plus, you’ll get more daily quests in addition to the ones that you already have.

The game’s tutorial can feel excruciating because it lasts for about the first 40 levels of the game, but pay attention to what the game teaches you because there is a lot to it. Much of what you learn are spins on the traditional Candy Crush shapes – for example, merge an L, T, or + shape for a stronger character, or merge a 2×2 block of characters to create a very large version of the character.