Legend Online: Pocket Edition – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Legend Online: Pocket Edition is a new card battling RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This unofficial spinoff of the League of Legends franchise (more like a tribute) has a card battling style of play similar to titular-challenged hit Epic Heroes, formerly known as I Am MT (a better name in my opinion), which itself was an anime parody of World of Warcraft. Confusing, right? Your goal is to collect gold and diamonds and take your five adventurers and quest throughout numerous regions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legend Online: Pocket Edition!

Diamonds are the premium currency in this game and you start off with quite a few of them after the tutorial, which makes it tempting to spend them. The smarter use of them, though, is to go to the mission menu and see what’s in each of the chests. You can spend diamonds for more diamonds, but then each subsequent chest costs even more diamonds. Still, though, investing will earn you a massive amount of free currency.

Other than spending diamonds, earn more cards, both fighters and equipment, simply by grinding away in battles. If you are stuck on a stage or are looking for specific drops, go back to old stages that you have already beaten and play them again to attempt to find them.

Aside from equipping a card with weapons and armor, you can enhance them by sacrificing some of the dropped cards to level it up using the “enhance” function. Sacrificed cards will disappear, while the gaining card will earn stat increases and experience levels.

Evolution is another way to upgrade a card, but you need specific sets of cards (suits) to do so. For example, a full skeleton suit will evolve a card from 2-star rarity to 3-star rarity. 3 stars can also be evolved to +1, four stars to +2 and five stars to +3.

Card fragments can be used to synthesize new cards. You can decompose cards in order to earn card parts, which can then be put together again and used to synthesize new cards. Boss battles will earn card fragments, while decomposing will earn you Mohun stones, evol stones, and magic crystals which can then be used in various synthesizing recipes.