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Legend: Rising Empire – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Legend: Rising Empire is a surprisingly unique city-builder and MMORTS (two genres that don’t have much uniqueness lately) from NetEase, the company that, among other things, has been responsible for lots of recent Battle Royale games such as War of Survival and Knives Out. Your goal is to build your kingdom into the richest and most powerful kingdom in Favilla, train a powerful military, load up on resources, and increase the population from a small town to a giant city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legend: Rising Empire!

The most important thing is to always have some sort of a construction project going. When you’re in the middle of a round of active playing, build everything that takes a short time so that you can keep building and keep upgrading as you play. When you get to the point of either going on raids or getting offline, start a long project such as the castle, so that you can distract yourself while it finishes.

The icon for the construction menu will show you the number of constructed buildings vs the maximum number of buildings (e.g. 11/29 means 11 built, 29 total available, meaning that you have 18 left to build for that castle level). Use this as a guide to find buildings and figure out what you have to construct, then build everything that you can in order to make your city stronger, faster.

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Like most MMORTS games, your time will be centered around maximizing wood and stones, but the main resource is silver crowns, the currency of Favilla. To maximize them, build the market, and upgrade it to the highest that you can. Then, build and upgrade as many dwellings to as high of a level as possible, as each of them consume food and pay taxes, but make sure the dwellings don’t eat more food than the markets produce. Everything in balance.

Build the trade center, trade station, and trading post to improve and maximize the trading of items for money. Any building that you build in the Economy area will produce goods for sale, such as alcohol, meat, and bread, or various other crops. Make sure to leave the fertile land for the farms, as well, and put other buildings on non-fertile land.

Be sure to keep on upgrading your lord and his attendants, as they are the easiest to neglect, but their upgrades have some of the greatest effects. Load up on craft items in battle and by completing missions, such as chainmail, twill fabric, and flexible leather. Load all of your equipment slots by forging equipment, and then once you’re done, forge even better equipment.


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