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Legendary Warriors – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Legendary Warriors is a new iOS and Android RPG with absolutely beautiful, award-winning design and artwork. You quest from level to level, picking up new characters along the way and upgrading them as you are able to. Your enemies will grow tougher and tougher, so you’ll have to put all of the coins, mana, souls and stones that you earn to good use. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legendary Warriors!

The battle mostly happens automatically, so your two main inputs are to hit the “go” button for each character as quickly as possible, and to use each character’s skill whenever you are able. Some skills can be saved for when they are really needed (e.g. don’t use Healing Light when your characters are at full HP).

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If a character starts to get low on health points, then swap them out with another character who has full stamina. Stamina will recover over time, but VERY slowly – it will often take several hours for a full recovery to happen. However, when you make it to the next town and defeat the enemies there, you’ll get a full HP recovery, so as long as you can make it that far (or pay one gold to go back to the previous town) you will be fine.

There are multiple ways to upgrade your characters. Leveling them up requires some coins and some mana, as well as EXP Orbs (which appear in most of the chests that you unlock after every battle). Alternately, you can ascend them, but you have to have the souls of that character in order to do that. This provides a much larger boost to each character, though.

Look at each warrior’s stats before you put them in your party to figure out who has the best stats. The best stats will win the game. Sometimes, though, a specific special skill can make up for slightly lower stats, so if you find a character with a very valuable skill (I.E. splash damage), keep them in your party by all means possible.

Organize based on different types of characters, too. High stamina characters should go in the front – these are your tanks. Put your standard melee attackers or ground guys in the middle of the party. Finally, put your flying guys, your range attacking guys, or your flying range attackers, or anyone else with low defense (such as healers) in the back of the party.