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Legion of Heroes: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Legion of Heroes is a new MMORPG by Nexon that combines conventions of both the MMO and traditional RPG genres to make a very unique gam that’s surprisingly, despite blending two very common styles, a very rare thing. You can load up a party full of heroes, equip them and level them up, even change their classes, and compete against other players as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legion of Heroes!

Battling is very tactical due to how many positions you can move your characters to, and how many different attack ranges there are for the special skills. When using a special skill, pay attention to what the description says so that you can hit as many targets at a time as possible. They change their formation after every turn so you’ll have to keep recalibrating your strategy.

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Make sure to move your heroes with every turn as well. If you don’t, the CPU will catch on to what you’re doing and target you more frequently with high-damage multi hit attacks. If you lose some of your heroes and end up with 4 or 5 or less, make sure to spread them as far apart as you possibly can to avoid taking a lot of splash damage.

Your current equipment can be upgraded using the option to reinforce it. Spend gold and your equipment gets upgraded by one rarity level. Each successive upgrade to a piece of equipment costs more than double the amount of gold as the one before it, but each one also upgrades your equipment’s main stat (attack, defense etc) by an even greater amount.

Grind for experience in battle for the easiest way to upgrade your heroes. Unlike other MMOs, battles are actually worth it here. Beyond that, fusing your heroes allows you to add rank experience; once they hit the maximum rank level they’ll move up to the next rank, and benefit from huge stat increases. Use your higher ranking heroes, and sacrifice your lower ranking heroes in order to improve them.

Most of the time, auto battling will win the battle for you, but for tough battles, especially against bosses or against other players, you will want to deactivate it and battle manually, because the game doesn’t usually pick the best strategy that it can.