LEGO Tower: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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LEGO Tower is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Nimblebit, makers of the original Tiny Tower as well as Tiny Death Star way back in the day. Your goal is to build the biggest, wealthiest tower with the most floors that you can.

You can make money from the rent paid by your residents, as well as the income from the job they do and the products they create. Plus, you can earn plenty of free Bux, which is the premium currency of the game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for LEGO Tower!

Each of your residential floors can hold up to five people, and each of your consumer floors can hold up to three employees. So for the best ratio, build two residential floors for every three commercial floors that you have. You can do this in whatever order you see fit, just as long as you keep the ratios and the money right.

Two residential floors holds ten people and three residential floors holds nine people, so the ratios aren’t perfect, but they are close. For the best approximation of the ratio, think 3 residential floors for every 5 consumer floors. It’s just easier to keep track of 2/3 than it is to keep track of 3/5, in general.

When you get a new denizen, make sure to read what their dream job is. Use the dream job for a denizen as a guide about where to hire them. You won’t take any hits if you don’t stick them in their dream job (and likely, their dream job won’t be open right away), but if you do, they will earn 10x the income at their job and pay you 3x the rent.

Your elevator seems pretty quick at first, but as your tower grows taller, your elevator will seem slower and slower. One of the best uses of your Bux in LEGO Tower is to spend some of them on speeding up your elevator. Head to the “customize” area and pick your elevator, and you’ll get the permanent speed boost for it, allowing it to make it to any floor quicker.

Another good thing to spend Bux on, besides the elevator, is on a couple of other permanent boosts. You can use them to increase the rate at which you will get coin tips, and you’ll be able to unlock vehicles, called Mission Vehicles. Never waste Bux on speeding anything up temporarily.

One of the more fun minigames in this game is searching for the smorgasbord of random LEGO pieces that show up all throughout the level. You often can look for random lego pieces in order to customize buildings, earn coins, and more. There are often missions that show up requiring you to find a random type of LEGO piece, so if you see one, complete it ASAP to earn more Bux.

Make sure that you add friends when you’re playing. You can add people you know, or just anyone whose friend code you can find anywhere on the internet. Once you add them, you can go to their towers and help with construction. They can do the same for you, plus the two of you can send Bux back and forth also.

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