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Let’s Go Rocket! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Let’s Go Rocket! is a new endless flying game for the iOS platform. It’s an insanely challenging endless vertical flyer, where your goal is to fly your rocket as high as you can while avoiding all of the many obstacles that end up in your way, as well as collecting gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Let’s Go Rocket!

There are many ways to collect a ton of gems quickly. Do the gem bonanzas without waiting for the timer to cool down by setting the time ahead on your phone or your tablet by however much time is left. Also, watch every free ad video for gems that gets offered to you. All of these add up slowly over time to the point where you can earn and save up a large number of gems.

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Gems can then be used to purchase new rockets. When you equip a new rocket, not only does the look of your rocket change, but the appearance of all of the obstacles changes. This often even includes the size of the obstacles, meaning that a there is a small performance benefit to having a rocket that makes smaller obstacles appear rather than larger obstacles.

All of the obstacles are generally the same from rocket to rocket, though, so practice makes perfect with the obstacles. One thing to remember is that your rocket is staying still, not dropping, whenever you let off of the screen. That means that when you let off of the screen you don’t have to worry about running back into an obstacle underneath you – you only have to worry about what is next to you.

Instead of holding the screen down constantly, tap the screen to make your rocket execute small movements. This makes it easier to control where it’s going. If you hold the screen rather than tapping it, it becomes very easy to accidentally smash your rocket into one of the obstacles above you. If you do small taps, then you can more easily see it and stop your rocket first.

If you start to get too frustrated with the game, your scores will drop each time that you play. Remedy this by taking a break for about a half an hour or so, and then come back to the game to play it again. You’ll often find that it’s easier to get a high score after you come back due to the combination of relaxing and having more experience at the game.