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LGBT Flags Merge! – Developer Codes, Free Hints, PC Download, and Other Tips and Cheats

LGBT Flags Merge! Is a wildly popular alchemy style game for the iOS and Android platforms where are you can merge various gender and sexual identity flags in order to discover new ones. It’s extremely educational, and it goes through a vast multitude of sexualities and gender identities from many different cultures, even from different time periods.

There are a number of random things that players discover and wonder about in this game. What is a developer code, and how do you get to the developer code screen? How do you play the game on the PC? How do you get free hints without having to watch ads?

Read on for a guide on how to do all of that in LGBT Flags Merge!

Developer codes are one of the strangest mysteries that players have discovered in this game. Chances are that if you play LGBT Flags Merge, then you have probably accidentally stumbled upon it at some point. There is an exact spot on the screen that can take you there on purpose.

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To get to the developer code menu, first, click on the heart to go to the list of every single one of the flags that you have already found. Next, tap on the capital C in the word “Clear“ on The bottom left button.

If you press the button in the right area, a small pop-up window will appear, prompting you to enter a developer code. If you have a developer code, then you can enter it and see if the game will accept it.

The strange thing is, though, that if you enter an incorrect code, then the game will not tell you anything. The pop-up window will simply disappear, so you will have no idea if you entered a right code or a wrong code.

So what are the developer codes? As of right now, nobody has definitively discovered any of them, or what any of the codes are supposed to do. We are going to continuously check sources, though, so be sure to keep checking back with this article; we will build a list of developer codes as they are discovered, as well as what they do.

To play the game on a PC, the solution is simple. All that you have to do is download an Android emulator for your PC or Mac, whichever one you use, and then download an APK in order to install the game.

Another method is to download an iOS emulator; if you use a Mac, you can even use an iOS software development kit, which is provided by Apple itself, to play the game on your Mac. This is not available for PC, but several unofficial emulators are.

Once you do that, download the game as if you were using an iPhone or iPad, and play it to your hearts content.

There is one known way to get free hints without having to watch advertisement. That method is simply to wait. You will get three free hints per day, which you can then use.

Three hints is the maximum amount of hints that you can carry at a time, so if you have three, then be sure to use them. Of course, there is a possibility that if you have the right developer code, you could give yourself free hints or more than three at a time.


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