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Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up is a new endless skateboarding game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to skate as far as you can while collecting cash by doing tricks, and unlocking new power-ups and skaters from the squad. Read on for some tips and tricks for Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up!

When you’re riding, you can collect power-ups whenever you see them. Simply jump to collect. You can also collect sneakers whenever you see them hanging from a rail. When you collect 50 of a specific skater’s sneakers, you’ll unlock that new skater and will be able to play as them.

You’ll be able to fly when you collect a drone or when you purchase one to use from the beginning. To fly with the drone, hold down on the screen to go up, and let go of the screen to go back down. When you fall back down, you’ll fall more slowly than you normally would on a skateboard.

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If you are just using the skateboard, though, you can still fly essentially, you just have to keep tapping the screen to do so. Tap over and over to go higher and higher. Watch out that you don’t run into any birds, any rails, or other obstacles, because if you hit them, you’re done. You’ll be able to continue your run by watching a video or by paying 500 cash.

Your main method of collecting cash, of course, is jumping through it when you see it in the stage. Grind on rails, as well, to earn cash bonuses. The more rails that you can grind on without touching the ground, the bigger the cash bonus that you’ll earn when you either hit the ground, or when you die at the end of the level.

Go to the store and tap the Free 500 button to get 500 cash for free. When you hit the button, an advertisement video will pop up. Watch the video all the way through and when it’s complete, close out of it and you will have 500 more cash. You can watch as many of these videos as you want.

Tap the Free 500 button while holding the phone in portrait mode, and the ad will load in portrait mode instead of landscape mode. When the video is finished, keep the phone held in landscape mode and you’ll be able to play the game that way, although it will look fairly scrunched up.