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LINE Cookie Run: How to unlock every single cookie and pet in the game, page 2

Each cookie has its own benefit, as does each pet. It’s best to know what the benefits are, so that when you spend a ton of coins or even crystals, you know what you might be getting into. Keep in mind that once you have purchased a cookie or a pet, you can level them up, up to six times, which will increase their benefits.

All of the cookies:
Brave Cookie: Bravery increases with each level up (meaning, loses less energy when he takes a hit)
Bright Cookie: 5% EXP Bonus
Strawberry Cookie: adds a second to bonus time
Cream Cookie: loses energy 10% more slowly
Cloud Cookie: adds 15% to power jelly time
Buttercream Choco Cookie: 5% coin bonus
Coffee Cookie: extra 20% energy from energy boost potions
Boarder Cookie: Moves 15% more quickly

Princess Cookie: Loses energy 30% more slowly
Knight Cookie: Special Blast Level 1 (he runs faster and longer after getting a blast jelly)
Muscle Cookie: Doesn’t take damage from 50% of obstacles that he hits
Zombie Cookie: When he dies, he comes back with 30 energy
Angel Cookie: Permanently magnetized by a small field
Ninja Cookie: Triple Jump
Pirate Cookie: Revives as ghost pirate cookie after he dies, with 90 energy
Skating Queen Cookie: More points for double jumps, blast jellies and bonus time
Hero Cookie: Full power meter means he turns into an invincible blast-flying superhero

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Pet benefits:
Drop of Choco: Transforms some regular jellies into bear jellies
Rainbows End: Grows during bonus time
Double Bubble: Turns all regular jellies into bear jellies
Cheeseberry: Collects jellies that you missed
Forgotten Stocking: Makes cookie run faster
Witty Dumbbell: Makes giant jellies

Mocha Delight: Makes more BONUSTIME jellies
Cozy Yarn: Makes BONUSTIME jellies
Rare Garlic: Makes more blast jelly bonuses
Electric Beat: Makes more magnets
Hat of Santa: Makes more silver coins
Dust Unicorn: Makes more gold coins
Flowercopter: Fly faster during BONUSTIME

Wishing Star: Revives the cookie when he/she dies
Brain Gum: Energy drains more slowly
Dragon’s Tail: Calls the dragon to destroy obstacles
Lucky Dice: Makes more power jellies
Enchanted Locket: Drops miniature energy potions
Pirate’s Bomb: Turns obstacles into coins
Ginger Ghost: Lifts the cookie out of gaps
Snow Blossom: Fills gaps with ice bridges
Jellyco Cube: Releases missiles that destroy obstacles

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