LINE Cookie Run: How to win without spending any real-life money

LINE Cookie Run can be a very difficult game, even by endless runner standards. Not only that, but there are a LOT of different things that you can purchase with your in-game currency, from power ups to extra lives to boosts, to new cookies and new pets. While it might seem like you have to spend money to be the best out of your friends, truth is, it’s very possible to be successful while playing for free. Read on to find out how to win without spending any money in LINE Cookie Run!

Strictly speaking, there is no “beating the game”, so to speak, since you can literally run endlessly if you want to, at least in theory. However, you can certainly prosper. The main in-app purchase is crystals, which are the premium currency of the game. Coins are the main currency, and can be purchased using crystals.

There are two main ways to get more crystals for free. The first is to level up, and to level up faster, buy the 2X bonus so that you can gain experience points at double the speed, and since each boost costs only 800 coins, it becomes a surprisingly cheap expense. The farther you run in a round, the more you will earn. The other is to check out the current events (in your mailbox). These will earn you free crystals, among other assorted bonuses.

Lives can be purchased using crystals, but if you are sick of running out of lives, log onto the LINE app, find some people who play the game (check the comments section here or the App Store review pages) and add some people that you can send lives back and forth with. Play more and upgrade your cookie and pets, and most importantly, buy NEW cookies and pets so that you can earn more coins and points as you run.

Above all, though, improve your skill, and the timing of your jumps and slides, so that you can use as little energy as possible