LINE Cookie Run – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies, Page 2

Be sure to collect all of the bonus letters when you are in the middle of your run. If you collect enough letters to spell “BONUSTIME”, you’ll fly above the clouds for awhile. Even better, if you grab a magnet just before you earn the last letter, you’ll suck up every single coin and jelly in the flying area for quite awhile!

At first, each new cookie that you can buy will cost crystals, but each cookie has an associated “goal” that can change the price to coins. Most of the time, the goal will either be to reach a certain experience level, to score a certain amount of points, or to add enough friends. As previously mentioned, you need to be on the LINE network to add friends.

More important than upgrading your cookie or your pet (arguably) is upgrading the Energy Boost power up, which is the top left option on the shop menu after you hit “play”, and before you begin your run. This causes all energy boosting potions to restore more energy points, enabling you to multiply (literally, multiply – this helps a LOT) the length of your runs, and take far more hits before dying.

If your friends send you a ton of lives, don’t accept them until after you have already used up all of your lives on runs. Even then, only accept 5 lives at the maximum (enough to fill your life meter). If you accept lives when your life bar is full, they will go to waste and will not be added to your life total.

Two types of coins can be found inside of the stages themselves. Silver coins are worth one coin each; however, gold coins are worth a whopping 10 coins each. Any time that you see gold coins in a stage, grab them any way that you can.

Once you have a second cookie, you will be able to pick a Cookie Relay partner inside of the shop. To use the partner that you pick, activate the Cookie Relay boost before you play a stage (this is done on the same screen where you upgrade all of the other boosts, between hitting “Play” and beginning the stage). It costs 3,000 points to do this, but this will earn you a LOT of extra points and experience.

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