LINE Disney Tsum Tsum – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms that coincides with the release of a new Japanese line of plush Disney toys. In this game your goal is to score as high as possible, by any means possible, by matching three or more Tsum Tsums at a time at high speed, and using every special technique that you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for LINE Disney Tsum Tsum!

Look for the largest combinations that you can on your screen. If you make a combo of 7 or more, you will make a special bubble appear that, when tapped (or at the end of a round), will knock out all of the Tsum Tsums that surround it. Plus, the size of a combo’s point total will increase dramatically with every Tsum Tsum added to it, which is reason enough to make the biggest combos that you can.

Check the daily mission. You’ll earn plenty of coins from completing it, and then at midnight the next day, you will have a new available mission. You’ll also earn coins and gems from completing other missions, and whenever you complete any mission, the reward will become available in your inbox. Go in and hit “claim all” to collect all of them at the same time.

The main Tsum Tsum boxes will earn you the standard Disney characters, while the premium boxes will earn you rare ones, such as Toy Story characters or characters from moves in the outer reaches of the Disney universe (such as Jack Skellington). Regular boxes cost 10,000 coins, while premium boxes cost 30,000 coins. Rarer Tsums tend to have much better special abilities, as well.

In the matches, use the fan to your advantage to mix up the Tsums as much as possible. Mixing them up will usually allow you to make much larger combos. Hit the fan button rapidly to mix the pieces up as much as possible.

Knock out the large Tsums, and knock them out in the biggest combos possible to earn HUGE point totals. Also, use your Tsum’s special move by tapping on it when its move is fully charged, and if it’s not fully charged, keep making combos in order to charge its special move. Once it’s charged, you can either use it or save it until the end of the stage, when a roulette will appear, a tsum will be picked, and all of that tsum will be knocked off the screen.