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Line Physics: Drawing Puzzle – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Line Physics is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you have to draw a line to move a ball to its goal. You have multiple game modes to play in, and even boss battles to compete in. Plus, you can earn trophies and compete in daily challenges for new prizes as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Line Physics!

The classic game mode features the biggest array of challenges. The basics of the mode is that you have to draw a line to knock the ball toward a goal. When you’re introduced to a new challenge, the game blatantly shows you where you should draw the line, using a dotted line as a guideline. Then, after that, you’re on your own. Then when another new challenge pops up, the dotted line comes back.

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Every fifth level, you have a boss battle in the classic mode (they happen a bit less frequently in the other game modes). They present a character and a scenario, but as far as what you actually have to do to beat the boss battle, it’s the same as the previous challenges. Typically, it’s a bit easier to beat one of the boss battles than it is to beat the preceding standard challenges.

Falling Blocks mode is another challenging mode, but with a specific specialty, which is that something is going to fall and block the path of the ball if you don’t stop it. So every single challenge revolves around trying to use the line to block the falling object. In most of the challenges, the ball will do its own movement, but sometimes you need to draw multiple lnes in short order to beat the level.

Slam Dunk mode is arguably the toughest one; the point of this one is that you have to connect the basketball to the hoop. Luckily, the basketball doesn’t have to go through the top of the hoop; it only has to touch it in some way for you to win the level. Still, you have to bounce the ball off of the line properly, so the challenges aren’t any easier.

You can collect 150 stars between all three of these game modes to unlock a fourth game mode. To earn three stars, use the minimum amount of line possible in order to beat the level. The more line that you use, the less stars you’ll get as a reward at the end of the level.